How can College Students Build a Career

  • The most important and most valued question of a college student’s life is ‘how can they build their career?’ This question haunts everyone at a certain point of time as many college students are unaware of what they want from life. Plus, even if they know what they wish to achieve and gain, they have difficulty finding the perfect platform which will help them kick off. This is why it is important for every individual to understand how to create a sustainable career. Here are a couple of things you must look into to ensure your path remains smooth.

    Talk it out

    Talking and explaining your situation to a parent or career counselor can really benefit you. Talking to your parents may seem like a very difficult job, but bear in mind that they have only your best interests at heart. . Our parents have always supported us in every decision we have made till now and they expect us to know what is good for us.

    So there is no harm in asking them for advice. Sit down with both of them, explain to them that you want to start focusing on building your career but you do not know how. Do the same with the counselor; do not feel shy or hesitate, your entire career will be hinging on the decisions you make but a professional or those who have already been down the same road can help you avoid costly mistakes. . Imagine how your parents will feel when the world will refer to them as the parents of Danny or the lucky parents of Sara. This is why you must talk to someone whom you trust, and take their advice as well as implement it.

    Problems & Solutions

    There is no problem that does not have a solution. Work the problems out and do not close your eyes to them. However, for that to be possible, clear your head of any unnecessary thoughts. . Having trouble with that? Ask your boss. No, not all of them are ‘evil’ or ‘greedy.’ Just think of them as mentors who have been down the same road. They can offer valuable pearls of information that can help you balance your studies and a job at the same time. However, talk to your boss or the H.R in charge about your situations before you accept the job. It is important to get away with such things from the start. Know where you lack and do not feel shy in telling your boss your weaknesses. In this case honesty will be the best policy.


    Even if you are shy, making friends will help you build a strong position in your new career. Interacting with former employees will help you understand how work is supposed to be done, and if you require help they will be there for you. Interacting with new employees is also a good idea; you may learn something new, and you can feel comfortable amongst them as well. This will help you develop good communication skills which are very important and necessary in the business world. You will get to know tips and tricks that can help you get ahead in your career and most importantly, make connections that can help you sail through it.

    Find Yourself

    Often, young college students do not know who they truly are or what they are capable of. A part time job can help you discover the real you. You can write fashion blogs or do a column for a magazine or newspaper. However, try to choose a job that can help you in your college courses. Jobs help you realize your true potential, your talent, and skills, and these are the most important things you must consider while you decide your career. It is not necessary for you to take up the same career as the job you are doing. The purpose for such jobs while studying is to help you prepare yourself for your career, and open new and diverse opportunities you can utilize.

    Take Baby Steps

    No job is too small or too big, a job is a job. Start with small baby steps by taking up small jobs. If you feel that you are comfortable moving on to a job with more responsibility, go ahead. This can help you build a strong Resume. A strong resume is built up on the experience you get from each job. Try a bit of everything and discover not only yourself, but a career that can help you express yourself positively.

    Once you know, start finding part time jobs related to the career which is suitable for you work your way up slowly. .Once you have found the perfect platform, show your true potential.. If you start pushing yourself from the beginning, you might biting off more than you can chew which will be hard to manage once you proceed further into your chosen career path. This is why it is important for you to start small and build yourself as well.

    Do not Limit Yourself

    Do not apply any limitations on yourself. By restricting yourself to all opportunities you will only hold yourself back from your goals. Do not think that this is a small job, or that I am getting paid more here. Money is not and at this point should not be your first priority. Your career is the main focus here; money will come in bulk in the future after you have established yourself.

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