How to Find Jobs if you are a College Student

  • Growing up is not easy. When you were little you always wanted to grow up, but now when you have reached that stage where you have to make decisions things just got difficult. You are now old enough to financially take care of yourself by getting a job. However, since you are in college and you have studies to take care of finding one that can help you juggle both can be a challenge. Here is a guide to help you with all of your questions.

    Join Social Websites

    Not just social website, sites which will help bring your skills into the limelight. Let us take LinkedIn or Freelancer as an example. Your skills and interests are what make you, you. These may be anything from reading books, sketching in free time, almost anything at all. When you make your profile, you need to stay honest. When employers are looking for employees, they search with keywords, such as ‘reading’ and ‘arts’ especially if they are looking for candidates who like to think out of the box.

    Sharing you innovative ideas on social media can help you promote yourself. If an employer sets their eyes upon your ideas, and they see that this idea can be used for the betterment of their company, as well as the economy, they will approach you. The employer will ask for more ideas, and even offer you a job in their company as well. Many students even start their own businesses by creating pages on social websites, and sell handmade arts and crafts as well. These are also seen by many employers, and if one employer appreciates this work, they may offer you a job as well.

    Picked candidates are then shortlisted and the best ones are offered jobs. The same goes for Freelancer where you can write about your skills and also mention small part time jobs you have done during the summer such as babysitting or an educational summer camp. This can help you build a strong profile. Employers look for young and active students, who are not just skilled, but who are also passionate about what they do. A lackluster profile on the other hand only gets ignored. This is why their most preferable choices are amongst college students.

    Social websites like Facebook are also hiring on pages every now and then, but they are not jobs which are suitable for college students.

    Blogs on WordPress

    Only you can explain your talents, hobbies, likes and dislikes the best. This is important, and another thing which you should keep in mind is that before you decide to expose your talents to the world, you should know and understand yourself first. It is important for you to understand which interests, skills, and hobbies are useful, and which should be used to find jobs and then be utilized in to a career.

    Take blogs for example. Blogs are written by you for you and others too. These help display your thoughts to the online world, which is why WordPress has thousands of individuals who are doing the same. If you have ever participated in events or debates, even sport matches, you can describe the event and share it with everyone. You do not have to write about topics and subjects which you do not know about. Just stick to those ones which you are most comfortable with so that you can give credible answers to any comments your blogs generate


    Even at this stage of life, students are having second thoughts with which career and fields are most likely suitable for them.. Let us assume you are in the field of commerce; this is a vast field, with tons of opportunities but herein lies the crux of the matter. Now you have to decide which one will suit your preferences and skills, Do you wish to go into management, become a banker, or accountant? This is where most students get stuck, as they have no idea which field offers which opportunity.

    This is also where internship helps. These allow you to get a preview of a specific field you are interested in without committing to it. Internships in banks will allow you to process the workings of a bank, while an accountant internship will allow you to learn what an accountant does, and how important this field is in the world of business. Internships, in simple words are the best programs to go for if you have any confusion related to your career. Even if you do not, it is a good idea to do one in the field of the career you are heading. This will allow you to get an idea for the position and to see if you are really suited for it or not.

    Social Circle

    Social circle does not only mean your friends, or your online friends; it includes your parents, aunts, uncles, relatives, family friends, almost everyone you have ever interacted with, who are still in touch. You may have a family friend who owns a business and is looking for fresh talent, or your uncle may be looking for new ideas and can use you innovative thinking to reach out to more people. Sometimes, and often, opportunities are right in front of us, waiting for us to knock at the right door.

    This is why it is always a good idea to interact and tell people about your interests. Who knows? You might just impress the right people and get the job of your dreams. However, that will only be possible if you communicate your skills and interests clearly. No one will hire someone who cannot give words to their talents and future goals. However, there is one thing you must keep in mind at all times. If you are willing to commit to such a big responsibility, make sure it does not interfere with your studies and that you get enough quality time to sleep, eat properly, study, attend all classes, as it is not easy to keep everything managed. If you compromise on your health, you will end up compromising your studies and you’re your future.

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